Digital U - A Program for Young Scientists

Every year Internet Of Things aka ‘IoT’ brings new things to biotechnology, manufacturing, home living and every aspect of our daily lives. We’ve seen it disrupt traditional industries, transform our cities and contribute to the autonomous transport of the future.
To take this newest technology to the vary roots of our education system, we decided to conceptualize a grooming and induction workshop of inclusion of ‘arduino uno basics’ for the students of standard 9thand 11th. This workshop/initiative is christened as ‘Digital U’, and not only we received the overwhelming response of the students, but we are confident that we can definitely build their raw talent and serve the industry and nation by shaping their hidden capabilities in the field of new technology

Workshop for Senior Citizens

In line with our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s directive of building a “Cashless” society, Sys has launched a special program to assist senior citizens acquire skills for using technology effectively and manage their finances through digital modes.

Initiative for masses

We have been working with ROTARY in the arena of ‘e-waste disposal awareness and drives’ since last 5 years are successfully arranged and organized seminars, symposia, collection drives,exhibitions on the same subject.

We have trained around 200 students as e-waste awareness volunteers through special workshops conducted under joint ventures with other NGO’s in the town.

To make environment cleaner and greener, we have delivered over 50 lectures and presentations for various school children about e-waste management and awareness.